Sai Manjula Valli V: A professor and a full time mother

“A kid is a different soul altogether. It has its own road of evolution and existence”- Sai Manjulla Valli, a dedicated professor and a full-time mother.

I love my home comprising of my family, my furry babies in and outside my home and all the flora around. As a professor, love teaching students and I am now stepping into newer experiences that life is offering me.

I am the mother of a teenage daughter and I feel teenage girls are a boon to mothers. They share household chores and also share our hearts outpouring many times. They transform from a child to your trusted friend unconsciously. It’s beautiful to see them grow, dress up and shop too.

In my experience I have realized that teenagers do not like to be overpowered by their parents’ rules, life experiences, advice, and sometimes their intellect. They sometimes are unable to travel in the same wavelength as their parents as they have elevated hormones which does not believe in being curtailed. So it becomes difficult to explain dangers of life or change the courses of their thoughts quickly.

To conclude, I would like to say that parents should be there for children no matter what the situation is and give them that assurance all their life. It is even more important to let them know that we are there for them.

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