Shape Sorters for Kids: Just Toys or Tools for Growth?

A shape sorter is a simple toy with multiple ways in which it can be used. We have blocks in different shapes and they can be arranged in the designated grids. Today we talk to Niyati about Shape sorters. A shape sorter is ideally suitable for children between 12-18 months of growth. It can also be used for a long time since children always find more and more creative ways to use the same toy. 

Why are Shape Sorters a must-have?

Niyati says “ This is a very effective toy for teaching logical thinking, spatial thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance. As long as you don’t tell the child what the right answer is and let them explore themselves. I demonstrated to her how it is to be used and then encouraged her to keep trying until she figured it out on her own. She still can’t do it all but she is most comfortable with the circle as it has only one peg.” 

Baby playing with different shape sorters such as circle, rectangle, triangle etc.
Shape Sorters encourage learning through trial and error and helps to develop a critical mind

Pro tip: Allow children to figure out solutions on their own. They are very curious and you’ll be surprised by how little assistance they need. Essentially, they just need time. 

Niyati further says “ In terms of problem-solving, it is very interesting to see a child trying to figure out how the shape fits into the pegs. Take for example the triangle – when it doesn’t fit one way, they must learn to rotate it and then place it.

Similarly, the triangle will fit into the two pegs of the rectangle but they must learn to realise that since the third hole is empty, it can’t possibly be the right one.” All of these things can only be learnt through trial and error.

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Learn and Play with Shape Sorters

Finally, a shape sorter really helps bring a lot of possibilities into the picture, it is a child’s personal wonderland and experiment zone. Find the shape sorter we are talking about here:

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