Stimulating Puzzles for Kids: Fun Challenges that Build Problem-Solving

Shadow-matching puzzles for kids are ways in which children can associate two similar-looking yet different objects. It helps increase concentration and also develop fine motor skills – you have to perfectly fit two unique parts of the puzzle together after all. There is an image of the object in one puzzle and its shadow in the other, which instigates pattern-matching skills as well. 

Puzzles for kids are an engaging way to build critical thinking and pattern-matching.

The Best Puzzles for Kids: Expert Mom’s Opinion

Niyati explains further what to look for in products in this concept. “ I have been looking for a figure and shadow matching puzzle for a long time but I cannot be sure to find one where each jigsaw pair fits uniquely. By that, I mean that how does a child know that she has not got the right pair together if all pieces fit each other perfectly.”

Each puzzle piece must uniquely fit the other to enhance the thinking skills of the child. It increases the difficulty level a tad bit but, this also ensures that the toy just does not remain a two-puzzle matching activity but matches the right ones only. 

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We took her concern to our handpicked vendor and they quickly solved her query saying “ We have 10 different puzzles in this item. One set of these fits each other perfectly. Puzzles are designed in such a way they do not fit with other combinations to enhance the thinking skills of kids. Moreover, the colours of each are different so that children can learn and differentiate with others puzzles.” 

Jollee handpicked every supply and went one step further in solving your concerns. 

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