Three Unique Gifts for Kanjaks on Kumari Puja

The idea of receiving gifts from neighbouring families and relatives gets kids excited about Kumari Puja. However, finding budget-friendly gifts in quantities for children can be a little taxing. Take a look at our 3 interesting and affordable unique gift ideas for kids this Kumari Pujan below:

Disney Pouches as Gifts

Disney Pouches as gifts
A Daily utility item that is great for any school-going kid!

If you are looking to gift something which is more durable and ideal for day-to-day use, then go for our Disney pouch collections. The utility of this exclusive range of pouch collections is great for any school-going kid. It can be used to store stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, compasses, ruler scales, and so on. We strongly recommend this product be given as a gift for this Kumari Puja. It is inexpensive and available in multiple prints, and colours to suit the taste of children of all age groups.

Funky Pens

Funky pens as gifts
A Funky Pen Set is a great twist on an otherwise boring gift

Gifting pens to children has always been the preferred choice for most of us for ages. No matter how useful a pen may look, most kids find it quite boring as a gift option as compared to other gifting options available. This Kumari Pujan, gift little children a rare-to-find funky pen set instead of regular ones that are easily available in almost every store and make your gift look even more appropriate for them. For sure, kids will love your pen set as a gift and will look forward to showing it off to their friends at school.

A Pencil and Eraser set

Pencil and eraser sets as gifts
A quirky pencil and eraser set will help children have fun while learning

Drawing is one of those activities that kids enjoy the most. Making countless drawings and then erasing them is their favourite part of the drawing activity. It helps them have fun and learn at the same time. This is why our colourful pencil and eraser set would be perfect as a gift for this Kumari Pujan. The best part of this collection is that you can easily mix and match them to make your own gifting set or buy them as separate products and let kids create their own set.

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