Top 6 activities for kids on Indian Independence Day

Indian Independence Day marks the victory of Indians over the rule of Britishers. On this day, our freedom fighters successfully laid the foundation for an independent nation. Indians celebrate this day by remembering the struggles and sacrifices of the country’s freedom fighters. They also honour their valuable contribution to giving India its impending independence from the British rulers.

The upcoming generation should know about the sacrifices and patriotism of Indian freedom fighters. Let your kids participate in patriotic activities on this day and learn more about the importance of Independence Day. 

Indian Independence Day

Looking for activities that can help in explaining the significance of Indian Independence Day to your kids? If yes, then take a look at the below-suggested activities for your kids:

DIY Indian Flag making activity

The Indian flag is the pride of Indians. Every colour and element on the Indian flag represents a very important message for the countrymen. Spending time with your kids and making an Indian flag is highly suggested on Independence Day. This DIY task will help you explain the importance of the Indian flag and all of its elements to your kids in an easy manner.

Moreover, your kids will be excited to participate in this DIY activity and will remember your valuable teachings for decades to come.

DIY flag activity

Flag hoisting 

Indian Independence Day is incomplete without flag hoisting. Schools, colleges, government institutions, clubs, municipalities, and historical monuments hoist the tri-colour on this day to remember the sacrifices and patriotism of our Indian freedom fighters and express immense gratitude towards the freedom we now have because of them.

Taking your kids to a flag-hoisting event would be a very thoughtful idea on this Indian Independence Day. Your kids will love the flag-hoisting activity. They will even understand the value of the country’s freedom from Britishers at a very young age.

Indian Independence Day

Reciting National Anthem

Singing Jana Gana Mana can give any Indian a goosebump. Every single word in our National Anthem has its meaning and relevance. Do recite the National Anthem with your kids and make them understand the meaning of every word.

It is also very important for the parents to ensure that the kids are aware of the etiquette required to execute when the Jana Gana Mana is being recited. This activity will help the children learn the National Anthem with regular practice and show the utmost respect to the nation each time it is recited by someone.

Reciting national anthem

Visiting a museum

Visiting malls has become quite mandatory for parents with children on most occasions. Ditch your regular mall visits on this Independence Day and instead, take your kids to museums. Your kids will get to explore ancient India, its culture, and our late freedom fighters.

Also, it is going to be a wholesome experience for your little ones. For sure, they will enjoy this new experience with you. Your kids will be amazed to learn about Indian heritage and culture. They will definitely look forward to more such insightful learning activities in the future.


Watching movies/plays on patriotism

Spending time with your kids on this Independence Day is important. It will help you teach them about our country’s history and culture. Play some nice patriotic movies with less violence and watch them with your kids.

It will help in instilling love for the nation and developing immense respect in kids towards our Indian freedom fighters. Your kids will love this experience with you and will be delighted to know more about the country and its rich heritage. 

Watching movies/plays on patriotism

Listening to patriotic songs

Indian Independence Day starts with loudspeakers installed at various places playing patriotic songs. It makes the countrymen take immense pride in the country’s freedom which was stolen by British invaders a long time ago and was regained after bloodshed sacrifices. Each of our patriotic songs talks about the patriotism of our Indian freedom fighters and the beauty of this country, its culture, its heritage, and its people at large. Making your kids listen to patriotic songs will be a wise decision for you and your family. It will help them in developing love and patriotism for their country without you having to do anything much.

Listening to patriotic songs on Indian Independence Day

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Happy parenting! Happy Independence Day!

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