Why Knob Puzzles are a Great Way to Enhance Your Child’s IQ

Today we talk about knob puzzles. There are a lot of variations of the same and all of us would have used some variations of it with our kids like the alphabet puzzle, animal puzzle, vehicle puzzle and so on. 

Niyati helps us understand the importance of Puzzles. She says “Puzzles are a very important toy for the development of a child’s logical and analytical skills. The ability to identify more or less just by looking which piece fits where is challenging for the child.” 

While it might look like it is only about fitting the right piece in the right slot, there is a lot more to it. Niyati elaborates further “ The process of trying to fit in a piece by moving it around and then realising that it won’t fit is what is called the control of error. It allows the child to realise that she has made a mistake and has to try again with another piece. Hence, it builds a sense of resilience and perseverance in the child.”

Knob puzzles teach control of error to kids

Niyati also stresses that we need to have a peg on the puzzles. Let’s dive in and understand why it is so important. “ For a child between 1-2 years of age, having a peg on the puzzle piece is very important. It also teaches the child to use the tripod grip (thumb, middle finger and index finger) which is an essential fine motor skill. It also helps the child to rotate the piece with much more ease thus encouraging her to try to fit it in the puzzle by trial and error.” 

There is so much that the child is doing in their journey, a lot of times we just don’t realise it. A child shows an exceptional learning curve in their earliest years. Being aware of this just helps us help them a little. Niyati further adds “ In my experience, puzzles without child-friendly pegs make it difficult for the child to lift the pieces and place them in the right spot, thereby reducing their inclination to work with the puzzle and learn from it. “

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Knob puzzles are easy for kids to hold and interact with

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