Why is Tummy Time Important for Babies? A Dad’s Guide to Motor Skills

Ever noticed how your little one lights up during tummy time? It’s like their secret training ground, preparing them for remarkable motor skills achievements. Brace yourself as we dive into the world of tummy time and explore its significance in your baby’s journey!

Tummy Time - Baby on her tummy with mom and dad beside her.
Tummy Time is like a workout for your baby.

Why Tummy Time, You Ask?

Tummy time might seem like a simple activity, but trust us, it’s crucial for your baby’s development. Let’s dive in!

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Basically, Tummy time helps strengthen the baby’s back and neck muscles.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Firstly, Tummy time is like a baby’s version of a gym workout. It helps build those adorable little muscles in their neck, shoulders, and back, turning your baby into a mini Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tummy Time Improves Visual Tracking Skills

Also, Tummy time gives babies the chance to explore and focus on objects, helping to improve their visual tracking skills.

It allows babies to focus on objects around them.

Prep for Crawling

Additionally, Tummy time lays the foundation for one of the major baby milestones – crawling! It effectively strengthens your baby’s arms, shoulders, and core muscles. Therefore, it makes them ready to take on the adventure of moving from one place to another.

The Mighty Neck Control

Remember those cute wobbly heads? Tummy time teaches babies how to control their neck muscles, making head-turning more intuitive and controlled.

How to Master Tummy Time?

  • Begin with short tummy time sessions – a few minutes after diaper changes or naps. Gradually increase the time as your baby gets used to it.
  • Additionally, place colourful toys within your baby’s reach during tummy time. It will encourage them to move their neck around, reach out and grab the toys.
  • Further lay down a soft blanket or a comfy playmat. This makes the experience pleasant and encourages your baby to explore freely.

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With each tummy time session, you’re essentially laying the foundation for your baby’s future feats – from sitting up and crawling to those first wobbly steps. The seemingly simple moments of tummy time are building the essential skills your baby needs to conquer their milestones.

So, embrace the tummy time journey, and get ready for a front-row seat to your baby’s amazing voyage towards motor skill mastery!

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