Why Primary Colours Matter for Your Baby’s Visual Development?

In talks with Niyati, she shares “By the age of 3 months, babies have higher visual perception and are able to identify primary colors more vividly and clearly than they could as newborns.” Hence while for new born babies black and white colored and basic shaped mobile cribs are ideal; after three months introducing them to primary colors is in tune with their own development. There are also many mobile cribs which look pretty to us but from the sight of the baby they do not have much value.

Few months into the journey, babies can absorb a lot more. Niyati says “ Changing the mobile on the crib to one with primary colors enhances and supports their visual sense at this age. In my own experience, I started using this mobile when my daughter was about 1.5 months old. The primary colors are distinct and contrasting, making it easier for the child to perceive them.”

On this specific product there is a lot more to delight the little baby. “ I also appreciated the fact that when you twist the strings that hold the interlocking discs and then let go, they make a beautiful spherical structure as they spin,” says Niyati.

There are various ways to engage the little ones, at Jollee we take responsibility for everything we retail. We are finally selling products for children and cannot go wrong. 

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