How to Make Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols at home with kids?

Making eco-friendly Ganpati Idols at home is a no-brainer. However, no matter how eco-friendly your Ganpati idol is, it is still going to generate at least some amount of waste for the environment. Surprised, right?

It might sound strange but it is true on so many levels. For example, you may DIY your eco-friendly Ganpati using flour and might have to discard it away. This is because the flour goes stale within a few hours. As a result of this, food wastage becomes one of the important contributors to world hunger.

You can use ingredients like soil, leaves, and even seeds to eliminate the probability of wastage of natural resources and create an eco-friendly version of your Ganpati. This zero-waste DIY Ganpati idol activity at home with kids will help you impart a meaningful lesson on environmental welfare and raise environment-conscious beings for the future.

Take a look at 3 highly recommended zero-waste options for DIY Ganpati idols that you can make with your kids:

Soil and Leaves

Leaves are biodegradable and hence, one of the best options for creating a DIY Bappa Idol at home. To make this zero-waste idol, you would need soil and few leaves from your home garden. Take an empty tray and start filling it up with soil. Keep spreading the soil until it’s even on all sides. Once done, cut leaves into different shapes and start pasting them onto the wet soil to form a Ganpati. This might be a little trickier for the kids but with your help and guidance, making a Ganpati out of leaves on wet soil would be way easier and more of a fun experience for the family.

Ganpati made with leaves

Soil and kitchen turmeric powder

Carve the Bappa idol using wet soil from your garden and let it aside for a few hours until it’s dry. Until then you can take some kitchen turmeric powder and mix it with water. Make sure the consistency of the mixture is a little thick and not too runny. Once the base of the Bappa idol is dried, using the kitchen turmeric paste, start painting it. You can use black sesame seeds for highlighting the eyes and add real flowers to enhance the overall look of your DIY Ganpati idol. 

E0-friendly Ganesha

Ganpati Idols from oil and seeds

This is by far the most eco-friendly DIY Ganpati idea for an environmentalist parent like you. You would need some seeds like carom, fenugreek, etc to kick start your DIY Ganpati idol activity. For this DIY, you can either use some wet soil to develop the base of the Ganpati idol or just flatten it on an empty tray making sure to keep all sides even as much as possible. Once done, start using your choice of seeds to develop an eco-friendly Ganpati idol and decorate it with flowers of your choice. You can easily immerse this idol in water once the Ganpati celebration is over and use it further for growing plants in your home garden. Isn’t that a great idea?

Ganpati made with soil and seeds

We hope you enjoyed reading our eco-friendly and zero-waste-oriented DIY Ganpati idol suggestions. Do give these DIY ideas a try with your kids this Ganesh festival! Jollee Ganesh Chaturthi! Jollee Eco-friendly Parenting!

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