Maximising Your Baby’s Potential: The Benefits of Montessori Learning

Did you know that children learn the most when they choose what to learn?
That’s right, most children learn by actively engaging themselves with their environment, observing, listening to sounds, and even making them. While there are certain tasks that require an adult’s guidance and supervision but primarily, children are independent learners.

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5 Amazing Tips to keep Newborns Warm and Cozy in Winter

Winters have almost arrived and it is that time of year when most parents get extra cautious with their newborns. We know keeping your newborns warm to protect them from cold might get super challenging during winter. Despite how difficult it might get, it is important for you to regulate your baby’s body temperature. 

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Baby formula

Is Formula Feeding Bad? Top 5 Myths Debunked!

Are you planning on starting to feed your baby with formula but worried about the impact it might make on your baby’s health and well-being? Worry not! Baby formula isn’t as bad as a breast milk alternative as opposed to what you have been hearing from everyone around. Wondering how? This blog intends to debunk 5 common myths and misconceptions about formula-feeding, to help parents make well-informed feeding decisions.

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